At Fertco, we know that growing quality pasture in New Zealand depends on maximising clover growth, so we created CloverZone®, a testing and reporting tool designed to get your pastures doing exactly that. Backed by Kiwi scientists, CloverZone® is a simple, yet comprehensive three-step system which incorporates everything we at Fertco stand for: detailed soil and herbage testing, quality reporting and customised advice, and our commitment to efficient and environmentally friendly nutrient management.

The 3 steps of the CloverZone® system include:

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This first step is about gathering information, so the Consultant will make a survey of your farm and your goals, take soil and herbage samples, and conduct a Visual Soil Assessment (VSA). So, chemistry, biology and physicality are all measured.

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In the second step, the Consultant will present the test results to you, along with a report on the clover growth capacity for your farm (compared with optimum scientifically validated measurements), and a seasonal plan of fertiliser recommendations for all the blocks on your property.

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The third step is about monitoring and reviewing the seasonal plan with your Consultant to ensure that everything is still on track to achieve optimal soil condition and maximum clover growth.

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Fertco provides high quality innovative products to the New Zealand primary industry while focusing on nutrient efficiency and sustainability.

Fertco Services

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Soil & Herbage Testing

As a science-based organisation, soil and herbage tests underpin everything that we do. We use New Zealand testing labs who provide clear, consistent results based on years of trials and regularly calibrated procedures. This provides a strong foundation for us help you develop and maintain an effective fertiliser management plan.

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Quality Advice & Nutrient Budgets

At Fertco, we commit time and resources to train our people. We know that recommending the best fertiliser programme for your soil is only part of the story, so are equipped to prepare a full nutrient budget report for both efficient nutrient management and compliance purposes.

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Customised Recommendations

Every property is different, and so is every farmer, so we don’t have generic ‘one-size-fits-all’ products. Although we base our recommendations on soil and herbage tests, our aim is to develop a fertiliser programme in partnership with you to suit your specific property and individual goals. Customised orders are all in a day’s work for us!

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Environmentally Sustainable Products

Sourcing environmentally sustainable products is what Fertco has always been about (see About Us for our story). We select products that mitigate nutrient losses and test everything for contaminants and impurities. It’s equally important to us that what we source from around the world is ethically produced without polluting the local environment or involving child labour.

Personalised Service on your Farm

With Fertco, you get good old-fashioned customer service, so we visit you in person at your property, and work alongside you to develop fertiliser plans and nutrient budgets which achieve your goals, be they short or long term. We keep in regular contact with you and offer a full back-up service, meaning you can phone us for advice at any time.


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