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Fertco + TerraCare Announcement

New era for Fertco and TerraCare fertiliser companies.

When Fertco was looking to extend its customer base into new areas, and Te Awamutu-based fertiliser company TerraCare was seeking a buyer, the purchase seemed like the obvious solution for both companies.

Fertco, a Bay of Plenty company based near the Port of Tauranga currently services the Bay, Waikato, and King Country regions, while TerraCare, with a factory in Te Awamutu, has a customer base in the Waikato, King Country, Manawatu, and lower North Island.

Fertco completed the purchase of TerraCare from the Macky family on February 8 this year. Chief executive of Fertco, Warwick Voyce, says Fertco and TerraCare have always shared similar philosophies in regard to looking after clients and the environment, Fertco aims to add TerraCare’s branded products to its already comprehensive range.

He says the purchase is akin to an amalgamation of the two companies, rather than one being taken over by the other.

"We’re very excited to be welcoming a new era for Fertco and TerraCare. We’re aiming to learn from TerraCare’s IP so we can improve the offerings for both sets of customers."

He says TerraCare’s clients will still be able to get customised fertiliser recommendations based on soil and herbage tests as this has always been the Fertco way too. They will still be able to purchase the same types of products that minimise environmental impacts, such as Di-calcic Phosphate and controlled release nitrogen products, since these have also been a focus for Fertco who also stock the largest range of organic fertiliser products in New Zealand.

In many cases, TerraCare’s customers will still be dealing with the same field representatives who have joined the Fertco sales team, he says. What will be different and part of the new era though, are the nutrient budgeting and compliance services that Fertco intends to offer all of its customers.

"Our team are very pleased to offer Fertco’s products and services to a greater audience of farmers and growers. We have long been asked to have a distribution option in the Waikato and we know this move will improve our service to current customers and encourages others to enquire as to how Fertco can help farmers have a better fertiliser experience."

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