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We've got your nutrient compliance covered.

Efficient Reporting

Fertco has developed an efficient reporting tool for your property to provide the nutrient application information required by your regional council and/or dairy company.

All nutrient records we hold on your behalf are available and presented as per this example - by month, product and nutrient content.

We’re keeping
abreast of changing

Reporting applications by month is the most recent change in requirements and will likely not be the only alteration. Fertco is keeping abreast of the changing regulations around nutrient applications, which vary from catchment to catchment and by regional council.

Our technical sales team will inform you of the regulations applicable to your area and how best we can manage these with products from Fertco’s ‘Smart’ product range.

While nutrient reporting is one aspect, nutrient budgeting and whole farm nutrient management plans will also be required and we have the competency and capability to complete these for you.

Leading the way in

We’ve been at the forefront of promoting sustainable products and practices for the last 23 years and are proud to continue to do so.

Our commitment to sustainability means you can keep on doing what you do best, while we take care of your nutrient compliance.

We’re here to help.

Compliance is more important than ever, so talk to one of our qualified sustainable nutrient consultants in your region about how we can make it easier for you.


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