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The Fertco CloverZone

The ability of the New Zealand farmer to grow quality low cost pasture has long been acknowledged as New Zealand agriculture’s competitive advantage. This system relies on clover for it’s ability to fix atmospheric nitrogen while providing high quality feed.

To grow high yielding quality clover, soils need to be managed in an appropriate manner.  Having soils in the optimal condition will require consideration of the three key soil attributes; chemistry (nutrients), physicality and biology.  Having these three factors in optimal condition and balance will have your farm in the CloverZone.

The Fertco CloverZone is a soil and plant testing and reporting tool that combines a soil management plan and fertiliser programme designed to position soils in the optimum condition to maximise clover growth.  The CloverZone system firstly measures and reports the three soil factors that determine a soil’s growth support capacity, allowing the CloverZone consultant to design a tailored soil amendment and fertiliser programme.

The Tests

In consultation with Dr Doug Edmeades of AgKnowledge Ltd, Fertco have isolated the soil and plant tests vital to indicating a soil’s ability to support healthy clover growth.  The 16 essential elements are measured by Hill Laboratories along with the soil tests that measure soil physical and biological properties.  Soil physical properties are also measured and reported by the field evaluation process called VSA (visual soil assessment) designed by Graeme Shepherd.  All data is entered into the CloverZone report which indicates found levels against optimal indices for clover growth.

Test Examples











The Recommendation

The CloverZone field consultant uses the test results and a farm survey to assist the farmer with designing a fertiliser and soil amendment programme which optimises soil conditions; positioning soils in the CloverZone.  Products which provide the required nutrients and soil physical and/or biological improvements are recommended, with strong consideration to working with soil’s and plant’s natural processes.  Whether a farm is biological, conventional or organically certified, the CloverZone builds a programme to suit.

The Result

Healthy soils that are positioned to maximise clover growth.

  • A detailed fertiliser programme
  • Less or no reliance on urea
  • Hi nutrient value pastures
  • Improved forage intake and utilisation rates of animals
  • Complements seasonal growth patterns of commonly used grass species


Download CloverZone Brochure
Download our CloverZone Brochure


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