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Our customers are reporting excellent pasture growth after applying Gibb-Gro.

Derived from the culture of the fungus Gibberellic Fujikuroi, Gibb-Gro contains the naturally occurring plant growth regulator gibberelllic acid (GA3). Gibberellic acid lengthens the cells of any plant, increasing the amount of drymatter grown in a pasture.

You won’t find a better price anywhere

  • Only $490 for 500 gram pack (covers 55ha)
  • $975 for our 1kg pack (covers 110ha)
  • Delivered to your farm at no cost!

Application Recommendations

  • Gibb-Gro can be used on a 3-4 week cycle
  • Apply in autumn and spring when soil temperature is likely to be 6-13 degrees Celsius
  • Apply 1-5 days after grazing to ensure maximum uptake
  • Best-suited to rotationally grazed pastures
  • Apply with conventional boom spraying equipment at approximately 9 grams per hectare, in 100-150 litres of water with sticking surfactant
  • Soil moisture and fertiliser levels must be adequate to support increased pasture growth
  • Do not apply to rank or ungrazed pasture


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