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Dicalcic Phosphate fertiliser

Phosphorous is the most important nutrient in New Zealand farming systems as it is the plant’s energy source and helps develop healthy roots. Phosphate fertilisers are seen as a fundamental ingredient in the ‘diet’ of crops and pasture. However, not all phosphate fertilisers are created equal…

Dicalcic Phosphate has many benefits over and above other phosphate sources:

  • Superior phosphate efficiency
  • More significant improvements in soil chemistry and biology
  • Cost savings
  • Reduces environmental impact

These benefits have been documented worldwide over the years.

DiCal12 – twice as strong as traditional Dicalcic Phosphate fertiliser
Several years ago, Fertco began supplying Dicalcic Phosphate fertiliser in New Zealand under the product name Dical. As our customers saw excellent results, we decided to invest in developing its nutrient efficiency even further, and recently introduced our new-generation Dical12.

Twice as strong as traditional Dicalcic Phosphate fertiliser, Dical8 is redefining the way

New Zealand farmers apply phosphate.

Benefits of Dical12

  • Less prone to P ‘lock up’ in soil
  • Nutrient rich and very high efficiency – less is needed to achieve same result. In fact, we recommend that a third to a quarter less phosphate from DCP is required, compared to other sources of phosphate.
  • Saves money on both cartage and spreading
  • pH neutral – no acid impact on plant feeder roots or soil biology
  • Releases phosphate at a controlled rate matching plant requirements
  • Greater yield of dry matter per unit P applied than other phosphate fertiliser
  • Low cost per tonne maintenance phosphate and lime – in one application
  • Beneficial to soil bacteria and micro-organisms
  • Liming effect
  • Able to be sown with seed
  • Also contains calcium and sulphur
  • Less prone to P leaching and P run-off – kinder on the environment and your wallet!

Our customers using Dical and Dical12 fertiliser talk of healthier stock, less dependence on nitrogen fertilisers, greener pastures that continue to product through dry periods and a healthier, denser pasture sward.

  • The manufacturing process is completely unique to Fertco
  • Dical12 fertiliser is only available from Fertco

Aerial Dical

Fertco Dicalcic Phosphate fertiliser is also available in a  specially granulated form suitable for aerial spreading

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