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Fertiliser with the Power of Two

For over 10 years, Fertco has lead the way in eco-friendly and nutrient efficient fertilisers. pHosMate is yet another product ahead of the pack.

pHosMate is a potent combination of dicalcic phosphate and humate.

It is designed to take advantage of the superb phosphate efficiency of Fertco’s Dical products while integrating the biological and growth benefits of Humate .

Benefits of pHosMate

pHosMate delivers healthier stock, increased pasture quality and sward density and less dependence on nitrogen fertiliser.

Combine all of that with improved soil structure and thriving bacteria and micro-organisms and you’ve got the recipe for turbocharged growth.

Why are these two together such a powerful combination?

Phosphate can be bound into an inert form by ions of aluminium and iron present in soil, making it unavailable to the plant. In the presence of humic compounds though, plant uptake of phosphorous increases sharply.

So, KingpHos not only adds readily available phosphate to your soil, but also allows you to decrease your overall application rate of phosphate, as previously unavailable phosphate in the soil is released to the plant.

The inclusion of humate has other benefits too – it improves the soil’s cation holding and exchanging ability, improving the availability of other nutrients such as potassium and calcium to the plant. Because fewer nutrients need be applied for the same result, you see better fertiliser efficiency overall.

Additional benefits include:

  • Controlled phosphate release
  • Greater yield of dry matter per unit P applied than other phosphate fertilisers
  • Fungi and fulvic in humate also greatly increases the transfer of minerals to the plant
  • Less prone to soil ‘lock up’
  • Less prone to P leaching
  • Beneficial to soil bacteria and other micro-organisms
  • Liming effect
  • Able to be sown with seed
  • Also contains calcium and sulphur



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