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Dicalcic Phosphate is a more efficient and more eco-friendly form of phosphate. These advantages have been well-documented, worldwide, over the years.

Several years ago, Fertco pioneered the use of Dicalcic Phosphate in New Zealand, designing our own product, Dical. Aerial Dical is a specially granulated form of Dical for aerial spreading

Benefits of Aerial Dical

  • Superior phosphate efficiency
  • Less prone to P ‘lock up’ in soil
  • Nutrient rich and very high efficiency – less is needed to achieve same result. In fact, we recommend that a third to a quarter less phosphate from DCP is required, compared to other sources of phosphate.
  • Saves money on spreading
  • pH neutral – no acid impact on plant feeder roots or soil biology
  • Releases phosphate at a controlled rate matching plant requirements
  • Greater yield of dry matter per unit P applied than other phosphate fertilisers
  • Low cost per tonne maintenance phosphate and lime – in one application
  • Beneficial to soil bacteria and micro-organisms
  • Liming effect
  • Also contains calcium and sulphur
  • Less prone to P leaching and P run-off – kinder on the environment and your wallet!


The results are healthier stock, less dependence on nitrogen fertilisers, greener pastures that continue to product through dry periods and a healthier, denser pasture sward.


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