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Organic Boost leads the way

Organic Boost is a complete soil and plant food crafted entirely from BioGro certified products – including fishmeal and humates for soil biology and natural phosphate, potassium and magnesium.

Our innovative new Organic Boost also carries the BioGro seal of approval – New Zealand’s highest standard in organic certification.

We developed Organic Boost to be the perfect multi-purpose organic fertiliser for fruits, vegetables and pasture. Organic Boost will not only deliver the nutrients that your plants require, but also protects and encourage soil’s natural biodiversity.

Now you can grow vegetables packed with natural flavour, better nurture your fruit trees to bare nutritious fruit and nourish your farmland so your stock grazes on sweeter pasture.

At Fertco, we believe that bumper growth and environmental sustainability can exist hand in hand, and this 100% organic fertiliser is just one more step in that direction.

Available in 8kg, 25kg, 500kg & 1000kg bags.    


N 2.5 P 3.49 K 3.36 S 4.41 Mg 2.76 Ca 10

Application Rates

Pasture 250 – 300kg per hectare
Fruit trees 1 – 2kg per tree
Vegetables 100gm per m2 to three times per year


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Organic Boost

A complete soil and plant food, BioGro certified. Organic fertiliser packed with the nutrients soil and plants need.

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