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The world’s best sulphur fertiliser.

Because today’s high-yield, intensive farming practices tax the soil’s sulphur reserves, it is necessary to include sulphur in your fertilisation programme.

Until now, elemental sulphur fertiliser products only released a portion of what you apply in the first year, with the remainder taking years to become available.

It’s the only elemental sulphur fertiliser that is 100% available in the year you apply it.

Elemental Sulphur Prills was also purpose-designed to be a dream to work with. The uniform, free-flowing and dust free prills are perfect for blending with other fertilisers. Elemental Sulphur Prills is also safe and easy to handle, transport and store and can be very flexibly used in the field, for ground or aerial application to the widest range of crops.

User-friendly, cost effective and delivering crucial sulphur much more quickly to your crops – Brimstone90 really is leading the way in soil-sulphur replenishment.

Manufactured in Saudi Arabia and contains 90% pure elemental sulphur as fine particles (68% less than 100 micron), which have been encapsulated in bentonite clay.

  • Releases 100% of its sulphur content over 12-months at a sustained rate
  • Free-flowing and dust-free
  • Granulated for easier, accurate spreading
  • Can be blended with all other fertilisers
  • Easy to handle, transport and store
  • Can be applied to a wide range of crops

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Elemental Sulphur Prills

Leading the way in soil-sulphur replenishment. Cost-effective, 100% available in the year you apply it, and a dream to use.

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