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Granular Sulphate of Ammonia (or Ammonium Sulphate) provides readily available sulphur, as well as the crucial plant nutrient, nitrogen.

The sulphur content in Sulphate of Ammonia is suitable in the treatment of short-term sulphur deficiencies.

Nitrogen in the form of ammonia does not easily leach from soils.

Application timing is flexible, because ammonia volatilisation with Sulphate of Ammonia is very low, compared to Urea.

Sulphate of Ammonia is the safest option when mixing nitrogen with non-Superphosphate based fertilisers.

However, it should not be used with alkaline products.


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Sulphate of Ammonia

Granular product that provides readily available sulphur, as well as nitrogen.

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DAP is the world’s most commonly used ammonium-phosphate fertiliser.

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Fertco Ammo

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