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Equine fertiliser mix is your complete pasture nutrition for horse grazing situations.

Equine fertiliser mix supplies balanced nutrient inputs that are specific to the equine industry.

Equine Mix also contains Dicalcic Phosphate fertiliser, which has many benefits over other phosphate sources:

  • Nutrient rich and very high efficiency – less is needed to achieve same result.
  • More significant improvements in soil chemistry and biology
  • Cost savings
  • pH neutral
  • Less environmental impact

For healthier stock, less dependence on nitrogen fertilisers, greener pastures and a denser sward, ask us about Equine Mix.

“At Club Med we have used Fertco Fertiliser and advice since 2000. We have been delighted with the service from the consultants and they are an integral part of our farm management programme. Initially during October we walk the farm together, take soil samples and plan our pasture re-seeding, spraying and fertiliser plan for the late summer, when we also meet again and decide our follow on programme. …We suggest you give Fertco a call.”

Vicki and Terry Pascoe
Club Med Thoroughbred Agistment Farm, Gordonton.


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