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An excellent fertiliser that provides both calcium and sulphur, gypsum is fast-acting and pH neutral.

Gypsum is an abundant natural mineral – a ‘clean green’ soil conditioner and fertiliser option.

Morrinsville Gypsum is also a calcium sulphate, but is derived from water treatment.

Gypsum and Morrinsville Gyspum are highly useful in improving texture, aeration and drainage characteristics of clay soils and other heavy soils.


Other key calcium & lime fertiliser products


G-Lime has the highest liming value of any other product. Granulated for easier, more accurate placement.

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Finely ground limestone used primarily as a treatment to reduce soil acidity.

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An all-natural fertiliser that provides both calcium and sulphur, fast-acting and pH neutral.

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A granular fertiliser characterised by its high efficiency. It contains two forms of nitrogen…

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Aviation Lime

Designed to aid in pilot safety and to deliver agronomic benefits to farmers…

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A completely natural source of both magnesium and lime…

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