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Granulated Lime with more Grunt

Specially developed by Fertco, G-Lime (Granulated lime) is the precision approach for pH correction.

Fertco’s granulated lime has the highest neutralising value of any other granulated product.

  • 130% the liming equivalent of Ag-lime
  • Faster Acting
  • Lower application rates
  • More accurate placement


  • Improves spreadability
  • More accurate placement
  • Virtually dust free
  • Less cartage
  • Can be blended with annual fertiliser application
  • More flexibility with pH sensitive crops during crop rotations
  • Can be applied at most stages of the crop cycle
  • Cost effective for aerial and ground spreading

Containing a mixture of both fine and larger particles, G-Lime is optimised to give a rapid yet sustained reaction. Other granulated products contain small particles, which react quickly but do not last as long as larger particles.

G-Lime is the only granulated lime product on the market and is available in fertiliser blends, or neat in bulk, bulk bags and 25kg bags.

A once-a-year application of G-Lime at 250kg per hectare under most conditions will maintain soil pH levels. Higher rates will lift pH rapidly and hold soil levels within optimal range.

G-Lime is great news for farmers wishing to reduce spreading costs and maximise productivity, profitability and convenience, all whilst being ecologically sound.


“We were advised to apply G-Lime to ex onion cropping paddocks which were producing poorly. After two years they are really cranking up and producing as good as any other paddocks on the farm. We enjoy dealing with our Fertco consultant as he is flexible and customises mixes to suit soil needs, even able to incorporate our lime requirements little and often with our fertiliser mixes. Our carriers and spreaders say they have found Fertco excellent to work with and have never had any problems. Thank you Fertco!”

Peter and Hayley Stichbury
100ha Dairy Farm, Pukekohe

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