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The no-fuss, no dust, granulated lime for healthy soils, and plants.

Containing essential calcium, G-Lime helps improve your soil’s structure and strengthens plants, encouraging healthy growth.

Reducing soil acidity also improves the availability of other essential nutrients and encourages root vigour.

G-Lime can be used on pasture, fruit trees and vegetables.  It can also be used on lawns to encourage lush growth.

Application rates are lower than traditional Ag-lime as granules are made up of ultra-fine lime.  For pasture apply 250 kg per hectare per year.  For fruit trees and vegetables apply 25 grams per square meter in Spring and Autumn.

If soils are highly acidic (below 5.5) higher rates should be applied.

Available in 25 kg, Bulk bag, and Bulk loose.


“We were advised to apply G-Lime to ex onion cropping paddocks which were producing poorly. After two years they are really cranking up and producing as good as any other paddocks on the farm. We enjoy dealing with our Fertco consultant as he is flexible and customises mixes to suit soil needs, even able to incorporate our lime requirements little and often with our fertiliser mixes. Our carriers and spreaders say they have found Fertco excellent to work with and have never had any problems. Thank you Fertco!”

Peter and Hayley Stichbury
100ha Dairy Farm, Pukekohe

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G-Lime no fuss, no dust, granulated lime for healthy soils, and plants.

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