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Aviation Lime is a new aerial lime product developed collaboratively between Fertco, McDonald’s and Super Air.

Aviation Lime was designed to aid in pilot safety and to deliver an agronomic benefit to you, the farmer.

Aviation Lime is a combination of Ag-Lime and G-Lime, Fertco’s granulated lime product that contains calcium oxide and has a high neutralising value.

By combining Ag-Lime and G-Lime, we have also succeeded in lowering recommended application rates to 600 kg per hectare, offering a more efficient fertiliser.

The ACC & NZAA recommendation is that when spreading lime aerially, 80% of the hopper load should be able to discharge within 5 seconds. Our new Aviation Lime meets this requirement.

The table below shows a cost comparison between Ag Lime and Aviation Lime.

Ground Lime Aviation Lime
Te Kuiti Te Kuiti
Price per Tonne $24.00 $75.00
Sowing Rate 1000 1000 600
Hectare 1 1 1
Tonnes Required 1 0.6
Cost of Lime $24.00 $45.00
Cartage $16.70 $16.70 $10.02
Application $50.00 $50.00 $30.00
Total $90.70 $85.02

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Aviation Lime

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