Fertco Ammo Special

30-30 Ammo + K

A blend of the highly successful polymer coated urea, granular sulphate of ammonia and potash which can be applied to pasture without the risk of volatile losses of nitrogen.

The recommended spreading rate is 165kgs/ha which supplies 30kgs N, 30kgs K and 15 kgs of S.

The cost per ha is $127.00*

The first 20kgs of N is ammonium providing an immediate result once it has been washed in while the remaining 10kgs of N is suppled over several months through the polymer coating which only releases N when wet.

The potassium and sulphur will further encourage clover growth and fixation of atmospheric nitrogen which in turn will grow more grass.

So a very efficient blend designed to minimise losses and grow maximum grass with no stress about the weather.

30-20 Ammo + K

A blend of Fertco Ammo and potash which will provide an immediate result once washed in with a reduced risk of volatile loss as 1/3 of the nitrogen is ammonium and the remainder urea.

The recommended rate is 130kgs/ha which supplies 30kgs N, 20kgs K and 14kgs S.

The cost per ha is $78.00*

This blend also combines potassium and sulphur for increased clover growth which in turn will will grow more grass.

This is a great option to maximise early summer rain and push good quality feed forward into the summer.

* Price is based on bulk product ex Mount Maunganui, excluding GST.

For more information call 0800 337 826