Fertco are the New Zealand innovators in fertiliser efficiency for Sheep & Beef Farms.

We are proud to be leading the way, developing and introducing some of the most powerfully effective soil nutrient products on the market today. Soil fertilisers that will save you money, deliver you a better return and often are kinder to our environment at the same time.

Fertco’s own unique range of products are ideal for use on Sheep & Beef farms – in general, they reduce both your application rates and cart and spread costs.

Soil chemistry is only one aspect of the soil environment. Our comprehensive testing programme analyses soil biology and physicality and pasture quality. We also take into consideration your soils pH and liming – factors which are often overlooked and underrated.

Our field consultants will take the time to understand your farming systems and your goals. Only then can we design a fertiliser nutrient plan that will bring you the results you’re looking for.

Fertco fertilisers and products appropriate for Sheep & Beef Farms include:


“I'm spending less on my fertiliser than I have been and we're growing more grass! We're saving money!! Form your own opinion...”

Geoff Irwin
Dairy Farmer, Waikato

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unique fertco products


G-Lime has the highest liming value of any other product. Granulated for easier, more accurate placement.

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DiCal8 & DiCal12 | Phosphate Fertiliser

Twice as strong as traditional Dicalcic Phosphate. Powerful phosphate fertiliser that’s kinder on the environment and your wallet.

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A potent combination of new-generation Dical8 and our high-analysis G-Lime…

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Elemental Sulphur Prills

Leading the way in soil-sulphur replenishment. Cost-effective, 100% available in the year you apply it, and a dream to use.

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Coated Urea

Simply put, a safer and much more efficient form of Urea.

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Fertco Ammo

The silver bullet for explosive early pasture growth. 2 types of nitrogen and 2 types of sulphur in one easy application. Plus a much longer sulphur release rate, reducing application time and cost.

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Nature’s own super compost, providing a long list of benefits that add up to increased crop growth, quality and yield.

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The power of two – the superb phosphate efficiency of Dical8, with the proven biological and growth benefits of Humate.

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Organic Boost

A complete soil and plant food, BioGro certified. Organic fertiliser packed with the nutrients soil and plants need.

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Derived from a natural, growth-promoting nutrient that increases the amount of drymatter grown in a pasture.

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Aviation Lime

Designed to aid in pilot safety and to deliver agronomic benefits to farmers…

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44 Magnum

44 MAGNUM controlled release ammo, powering grass growth for 3 months

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