We can help your farm remain both environmentally and economically friendly.

Fertco organic fertiliser services include free on-farm consultation to discuss your organic farming goals and needs, comprehensive soil and plant tissue testing and the design of an organic fertiliser programme designed specifically for your farm. We also follow up regularly to ensure your expectations are being achieved.

Fertco is a one-stop organics shop, stocking New Zealand’s largest range of certified BioGro organic fertiliser products. We’ve taken all the time and difficulty out of the buying process for you, and offer a transparent quoting system with no added fees. We prefer to always support New Zealand made organic products, but where there is no comparable product we have sought quality options from overseas.

All organic fertiliser products can be supplied in bulk or packaged in 25kg, 500kg or 1000kg bags.

organic fertiliser products

Elemental Sulphur Prills

Leading the way in soil-sulphur replenishment. Cost-effective, 100% available in the year you apply it, and a dream to use.

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Nature’s own super compost, providing a long list of benefits that add up to increased crop growth, quality and yield.

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Organic Boost

A complete soil and plant food, BioGro certified. Organic fertiliser packed with the nutrients soil and plants need.

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A slow-release phosphate fertiliser ideal for maintaining levels of phosphate in the soil…

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A rich source of phosphate, Guano is derived from the nutrient-rich deposits of seabirds…

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Finely ground limestone used primarily as a treatment to reduce soil acidity.

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An all-natural fertiliser that provides both calcium and sulphur, fast-acting and pH neutral.

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A completely natural source of both magnesium and lime…

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Muriate of Potash

Muriate of Potash (or Potassium Chloride) is the most commonly used and cost-effective source of potassium in agriculture.

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Sulphate of Potash

Sulphate of Potash (or Potassium Sulphate) supplies two key plant nutrients – potassium and sulphur.

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Kieserite (otherwise known as magnesium sulphate) is an effective source of both magnesium and sulphur.

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On-Farm Testing & Organic Services

Free on-farm consultation, soil and plant tissue testing and n organic fertiliser programme tailor-made for your farm…

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Fishmeal is an excellent source of nitrogen and is also fully BioGro certified. Fishmeal contains approximately 63% protein and is biologically broken down into plant available nitrogen.

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