Fertco offers the New Zealand horticulture industry some of the most powerfully effective soil and plant nutrient products on the market today. Fertilisers that can deliver you a better return and often are kinder to our environment at the same time.

“I'm spending less on my fertiliser than I have been and we're growing more grass! We're saving money!! Form your own opinion...”

Geoff Irwin
Dairy Farmer, Waikato

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horticultural fertiliser products

Compound Blue

Compound blue is a specialist high-quality NPK granular fertiliser

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Gro Mix

This specialty Kiwifruit side dressing promotes fruit size, improved flavor and dry matter.

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A Kiwifruit side dressing, Hi-Mix improves plant health and growth at bud burst.

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Avo Mix

Complete and purpose-designed avocado nutrition.

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Olive Mix

A specially formulated fertiliser blend to meet olive crop nutrient requirements.

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Citrus Mix

Designed for application under the citrus tree

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