Farmers all over New Zealand are seeing excellent results in using Fertco fertilisers. Read some of their feedback below…

” Lorna and myself milk our cows under a Once a Day Spring calving system.

We were becoming increasingly more concerned with our pasture type and the fact that we could not get off the Urea cycle. It was at this time that we met Garth Taylor, and along with a lower stocking rate and a switch to Fertco Products a lot has changed. Pasture is thick and dense with Dock, Buttercup, creeping Buttercup and other weeds disappearing without spraying. Our farm looks healthy and animal health is unbelievable. 2% empties last season with a 10 week calving spread. Down from the usual 12-15%. Not one cow with retained membranes this season, and only one case of milk fever. A SSC of under 90, 000 and fat shiny happy Friesians. We are enjoying farming again and are pleased to be using a Biological fertiliser regime that works in harmony with Mother Nature and does not poison our precious land. Thank you Garth and well done Fertco for your great range of products.”

Lorna and Richard Hendriks
Dairy Farmers Ohinewai

I’m spending less on my fertiliser than I have been and we’re growing more grass! We’re saving money!! Form your own opinion…“

Geoff Irwin
Dairy Farmer, Waikato

“All the locals reckoned this year crop of maize was the best any had seen on the Hauraki Plains and we only used the Fertco standard farm fertiliser – no special maize mixes and no extra Nitrogen. Animal Health issues are virtually non-existent, we’ve an abundance of earthworms, my sharemilker is happy, production is still climbing and we get top service and advice from our field consultant. Fertco fertilisers have really made this farm.”

Graham Needham
Dairy Farmer, Hauraki Plains

“Fertco’s G-Lime is a good product to handle. It has minimal fine particles and not much dust. It flows well through our bucket and has a nice spread pattern. It is a very dense product therefore the volume of the product is low compared to the weight. Pasture growth has improved significantly since application. Well done Fertco!”

Alister Boyd
Heliworx Waikato Ltd

“We enjoy using Fertco as we like the prescriptive approach to the recommendations given by consultant Andrew Marles. 

Prior to using Fertco we had problems with Magnesium deficiency and leaf breakdown – and now they are all in good order. 

We like the service we get from Andrew, he makes himself available when we need him and his recommendations instill confidence as the results are proven. Even though we have shares in both big fertiliser co-ops, we prefer to use Fertco as we have been happy with the results and service from the company.”

Graeme and Lis McCarrol
Kiwifruit Growers, Te Puke

“At Club Med we have used Fertco fertiliser and advice since 2000. We have been delighted with the service from the consultants and they are an integral part of our farm management programme. Initially during October we walk the farm together, take soil samples and plan our pasture re-seeding, spraying and fertiliser plan for the late summer, when we also meet again and decide our follow on programme. At Club Med we suggest you give Fertco a call.”

Vicki and Terry Pascoe
Club Med Thoroughbred Agistment Farm, Gordonton.

“Fertco mixes are excellent! The best and most consistent to spread.”

Bruce Nixon
Owner/Driver, Reporoa Ground Spread

 “We were advised to apply G-Lime to ex-onion cropping paddocks which were producing poorly. After two years they are really cranking up and producing as good as any other paddocks on the farm. We enjoy dealing with our Fertco consultant as he is flexible and customises mixes to suit soil needs, even able to incorporate our lime requirements little and often with our fertiliser mixes. Our carriers and spreaders say they have found Fertco excellent to work with and have never had any problems. Thank you Fertco!”

Peter and Hayley Stichbury
100ha Dairy Farm, Pukekohe

 “Super Air conducted trials using an aviation lime developed by Fertco. The product is a blend of standard Ag Lime and Fertco’s granular high analysis G-Lime. The purpose was to test the products conformity to meet the NZAAA safety guidelines for aerial application of lime whilst not compromising the agronomic benefit of the product to the farmer. 

As a result of the trials, Super Air are happy to endorse Fertco’s Aviation Lime.”

Graeme Martin,
Manager, Super Air Limited

“We are kiwifruit and avocado growers and have been using Fertco for about five years for our orchard in Te Puke. A general comment about our property is the health of the plants and soil. Our returns are very good and fruit quality is also very pleasing. New areas of kiwifruit and avocado are being developed and the young plants are responding well. We get comments asking what we are feeding them and we respond “Fertco”. We appreciate the service given by Fertco and look forward to plenty more.”

Brent Scown
Orchardist, Te Puke