Innovators in Nutrient Efficiency

In 2000, a group of farmers got together to form Fertco, guided by the belief that there was more to fertiliser than supplying bulk nutrient to the land.

16 years on, and we are proud to have developed and introduced some of the most groundbreaking and powerfully efficient nutrient products New Zealand soils have ever seen. Many of our products are also more sustainable than the alternatives.

Dicalcic Phosphate was one of the very first realisations of our commitment to innovation. We now offer the most efficient – yet environmentally friendly – phosphate fertiliser on the market – Dical8.

As the company has evolved, many more innovative products have been added to the Fertco product stable. One such product is G-Lime , a new generation granulated lime product that reduces cost to farmers and allows lime to be applied with your annual fertiliser.

Yet another is Elemental Sulphur Prills, which we believe is now the very best product available for soil-sulphur replenishment. Elemental Sulphur Prills is the only elemental sulphur that is 100% available in the year you apply it, and being free-flowing, dust-free and easily blended, it’s also a dream to work with.

Our resident scientist, Frank King, regularly spends time with our consultants and a variety of our customers, so he can apply what is really happening on New Zealand farms to our product development programme.

Our commitment to innovation is not only focused on developing fertilisers that are kinder on your pocket, your time and your equipment, but also wherever possible, kinder on the environment.

We also believe that scientific innovation can be achieved without sacrificing excellent customer service – something we pride ourselves on.